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What is covered includes:

- How to access kits/nosodes for homeoprophylaxis
- The proper and necessary documentation you will need
- Help to answer parents' and people's most commonly asked questions
- Help for you to feel confident as you provide HP at your practise
- Providing on-going support as needed

Please email for more information and to register for this: Admin@HPWWC.org


This course faces one of the most difficult of all health decisions that most new parents have to face – how best to protect their child against potentially serious infectious diseases. The reason why it is a difficult decision is firstly because there is no perfect option available, and secondly because there is a considerable amount of misinformation about immunisation options both from orthodox health authorities and from some opponents of vaccination.  The free course will look at some important questions Isaac has often been asked based on his practice over the last 30 years, including:

  • What is Homoeopathic Immunisation and is it safe?
  • Is Homoeopathic Immunisation effective?
  • Is there any evidence ?

 For the free online parents' course, visit:

Immunisation - Your Child, Your Choice

Or for a more in-depth online parents' course, visit: 

Homoeopathic Immunisation For Your Child


For the practitioner interested in learning more about homoeoprophylaxis, here is a link for a free introductory course:

All You Wanted To Know About Practicing Homoeoprophylaxis

Here, also, is an advanced course, designed to accompany and add to Dr. Golden's Complete Practitioners' Course to help towards a more complete understanding of homoeoprophylaxis:

The Complete Practitioners' Course in Homoeoprophylaxis

HPWWC - Training & Resources

Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP, DPsc, Founder and President, HPWWC

Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice

Interview by Debby Bruck, Homeopathy World Community,
20 January, 2017

- A brief overview and discussion of the fundamentals of
​homeopathic prophylaxis and what HPWWC is all about.

Phase II Training - Putting HP Into Practise

Training in Homoeoprophylaxis

by Dr. Isaac Golden

The additional step beyond learning the principles of Homeoprophylaxis is knowing how to put it into your individual practise.  This can vary country by country and often region by region.

To help with this next and very vital stage of effectively implementing HP into your practise, we are offering Phase II training.  The basics are listed here - you need only to select your country for this.

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Here you may learn about Homeoprophylaxis - its history and how it works.