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HPWWC is a n organization that seeks to educate the world about this nontoxic immunisation option - we could not do what we do without your help. 


More About Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC)

The demand for a nontoxic alternative for immunisation is increasing around the world.

Homeoprophylaxis is a centuries' old homeopathic method of disease prevention.  It works with the body in a very natural way, educating the immune system, and has a well-documented track record of being about 90% effective.  Nothing will ever be 100% when it comes to methods of disease prevention.  But this standing track record makes HP very worthy of consideration.

Our mission through HPWWC is to promote the education and use of nontoxic Homeoprophylaxis ("HP") worldwide to educate the immune system against infectious and contagious disease.  

The time is NOW to be learning about and utilizing this more than 200-year-old choice that has literally been benefiting millions of people worldwide.

Monthly Donations Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice

​We are helping change to happen in the world

Those who attended the Professional Training day with Keynote Speakers, Ravi Roy of Germany and Isaac Golden, of Australia.

We are

- helping practitioners trained

in nontoxic "HP" to reach more people

- helping people find properly trained

practitioners so they can access HP

- providing conferences around the world
to help people and practitioners learn about

this nontoxic immunisation alternative


A  worldwide choice for disease prevention


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Disclaimer: Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC) is an organization presenting conferences for the promotion, education, and encouragement of homeoprophylaxis as a nontoxic alternative for disease prevention.  While licensed medical professionals are and will be among those presenting, personal medical advise will not be given, nor should it be sought at these events.  It is not the presenters' or organizers' intent to persuade anyone, but to inform and educate.  And it is each attendee's individual choice whether to take advantage of the information that is presented. It should be known that homeopathy does not “treat” an illness.  Rather, it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness as part of an educational, healing process to promote wellness.

In order to be treated or diagnosed, the personal advice of a holistic physician should be sought.

Here is Cathy Lemmon, HPWWC founder and conference organizer, with the staff {Martin de Munck and Anne-Marie van Raaij} and some of the 2017 conference speakers

Here shows the number of people who benefited from the 2017 conference.

Homeoprophylaxis: The Educated Choice, the first European conference of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC), was an unprecedented event.  Taking place in beautiful Soesterberg, The Netherlands, experts from around the world presented information and knowledge about

  • Homeoprophylaxis (HP) 
  • Diseases and the Immune System 
  • Vaccine damage and the homeopathic treatment of this
  • Legal issues regarding vaccines and health freedoms and choices 
  • Training in Homeoprophylaxis by world-respected authorities in
    ​HP for interested professionals

advanced training in Homeoprophylaxis​

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Conference 2017 - Wondering what you missed?

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